Heat Detectors

Opal Addressable Heat RoR Detector with isolator, Notifier

The Opal NFXI-TDIFF is Notifier rate of rise heat addressable sensor, with isolator, part of Notifier Heat Sensors line.


The Opal NFXI-TDIFF is Notifier rate of rise Heat analogue addressable sensors, with isolator, uses the same thermistor and microprocessor technology to provide an alarm when the rate of rise in temperature exceeds 10°C/minute (typical) or if the temperature exceeds a threshold of 58°C (Response Class A1R). The detector has two integral tri-colour LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status. The LEDs are programmable with static or blinking red, amber and green status indications available.

Features & Benefits:
  • Tri colour LED offering red, green and amber colours
  • Rotary decade address switches
  • Pure white colour to complement modern buildings
  • 100% mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility
  • 0786-CPR-20643 for EN54-5/17
  • G209006