IQVISION Supervisor

IQVISION Supervisor is a building monitoring and management solution built upon the powerful Niagara 4 platform.


IQVISION Supervisor can integrate Trend controllers, third party devices and internet protocols Into a centralised software platform that is designed to manage buildings at an enterprise level And can provides the function as centralized data logging, archiving, alarming, trending, master scheduling, system-wide database management, and integration with enterprise software applications – all of which can be used for highlighting and investigating energy use within buildings. In addition, IQVISION provides a comprehensive, graphical engineering toolset for application development. HMTL5 support enables the customisation of user interfaces that are viewable on diverse web enabled computers, tablets and phone.

The embedded System Migration Tool greatly reduces set up time by allowing existing system data to be imported from the IQSET engineering tool and 963 supervisor. The tool also allows 963 schematics to be imported and converted into IQVISION’s HTML5 format.

Features & Benefits:
  • Third party device integration using open standard protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, MBUS and
  • KNX is also supported
  • Enhanced Trend IP Network Driver with full multi-site capability and Trend system model compatible with IQ1, IQ2, IQ3, IQ4 and IQLs see Compatibility for details
  • Trend driver facility for connection to multiple vCNCs provides additional connection reliability and bandwidth
  • Trend driver supports connection to vCNCs in secure mode
  • Uses Niagara 4.7 U1.