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    3-way ADP 4000 Redundancy Adapter

    3-way ADP 4000 Redundancy Adapter


    ADP 4000 Redundancy Adapter is used for installation into the FAS provides the redundant port for the FAT 4000, ZPA4000, GMT4000 or FBF4000uC starting from the serial interface of the FACP FlexES Control. The interface of the FAS can be designed as a redundant transmission with this adapter, if the FAT 4000 fire brigade graphic annunciator is used for initial information for the fire brigade. If the FAT protocol of the FACP does not include the FBCP information, the ADP-FBF (784717) is additionally required.

    Additional redundancy to compensate for the failure of software-controlled parts of the system according to EN 54-2 at more than 512 detectors. Supply voltage and the signal path of the ring are monitored for short circuits and open circuits according to EN 54-2 and for creeping short circuits and creeping open circuits in accordance with EN 54-13. Full functionality is guaranteed in case of malfunction or failure of a conduction path and it can be connected in a ring of up to 20 redundant FAT. There is an existing USB interface on board for troubleshooting, maintenance and commissioning. Using the "PROG4000" programming software enclosed with FAT 4000, it is possible to adjust the adapter to premise-specific conditions (master/slave operation).

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