Make building health part of the curriculum

    As colleges and universities prepare for in-person and remote classes, the well-being of students and staff remains the top priority. Honeywell can help you assess the health of your campus – and provide more sustainable, energy-efficient and safer ways to bring your campus back to life.

    Play it safe with smart solutions

    Don’t cut corners when it come to your building technology. We have solutions to help slow the spread of infections, improve the health of shared environments and provide students, staff and parents with greater confidence in campus safety and security.

    Let’s make your campus healthier, one step at a time

    People Counting & Social Distance Monitoring​

    Understand, manage and control the number of people on your campus.

    Enhanced Air Quality​

    Meet new industry standard & guidelines.​

    Isolate Vulnerable Spaces​

    Allow for lock-out tag-out protocols and focus on priority spaces such as meeting rooms and washrooms.

    Sanitization Tracking​

    Monitor sanitation activities across the campus. Evaluate and install surface treatment solutions to augment cleaning.​

    Secure Your Most Valuable Assets

    PPE Protection

    PPE Kits available from vending machines across the campus. Frictionless, no touch collection.

    Thermal Screening & PPE Detection​

    Help identify, isolate and reduce risk. Minimize the potential for contamination.​

    Touchless Access Control​

    Better identify, track and isolate occupants at risk.

    Contract Tracing​

    Better identify, track and isolate occupants at risk.

    Every building system can help

    Autonomous Building Automations & Controls

    Holistic management of the ‘New Normal’ and demonstrate adherence with compliance reporting. ​

    Incident Response & Protection

    Lockdown monitoring with alerts with tailored SOPs.​​

    Cyber Secure Solutions & Operational Continuity

    Identify potential threats sooner, keeping remote classrooms and online users safer.

    OPEX Reduction & Sustainability​​

    Drive sustainability, operational efficiency and reduce OPEX spend with flexible financing options.

    We know your campus

    Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through building retrofits, new construction and critical infrastructure upgrades. We’re part of your community, helping schools around the world. And we’re ready to help you too.