Apollo Detector Discovery Baffle

Apollo Detector Discovery Baffles are used to direct the sampled airflow through the point detectors housed in the ICAM IAS aspirating smoke detector.


Apollo Detector Discovery Optical Baffles are used to direct the sampled air flow through the point detectors. They are shaped to match a particular model or range of detectors and simply clip into position in the slots provided in the transparent lid of the detector housing. Where IAS-1 is fitted with two point detectors, insert two baffles and is fitted with a single point detector, insert a blanking baffle. Caution: To ensure correct performance the baffles MUST be fitted. Care should be taken when removing and re-fitting the transparent lid to ensure that the baffles remain in the slots and do not get lost.

Features & Benefits:
  • Used to direct air through the detector
  • Support of a large range of point detectors
  • Simple installation
  • Light weight
  • Come in packs of 10
  • Used with S65 & XP95 detectors.
  • EN 54-20 (VdS)
  • CE Mark