Skyline buildings
Skyline buildings

The building blocks of innovation

All our products play a role in your building’s mission to make people and facilities safe, comfortable and productive. They start with innovation, allow for customization and put cybersecurity at the core.


Our extensive roster of fire and gas detection, alert, communications and response products are designed to protect property and save lives.


We make products that monitor your facilities, keep track of people and prevent intrusions with an integrated approach to safety.


Our sensors and controls help you manage energy, lighting, ventilation and heating, enhancing comfort while saving money and lives.


Electrical products for lighting, power and distribution systems, safety and cable management keep everything — and everyone — working efficiently.

We’re in 10 million buildings. How can we help yours?

Our products work around the clock and around the world to keep people safe and comfortable. And because we take your data and your assets seriously in a connected universe, we build security into everything we make.