Make your data your watchdog.

    There’s a lot to monitor in helping to keep people and buildings safer. Integrating your video systems offers a coordinated view and helps your data work harder to enhance protection. We can show you how.

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    Make your buildings work harder

    Video is just part of the picture. Integrating it with other building systems can boost situational awareness, save money and speed response time in routine matters and emergencies.

    Let your data do the watching for you

    Our analytics solutions can help you make informed decisions based on video data. These solutions will help alert you when people are acting suspicious or aren’t where they should be.

    Cameras and video recording

    Our cameras, video recorders and transmitters are made for enhanced reliability, affordability, and simplicity.

    Security related products

    Our full complement of security products helps keep your people safe while integrating systems with your current infrastructure.

    Building control systems

    Our hardware helps boost operational productivity. Modular and scalable, it integrates with control infrastructure and third-party devices.

    Keep your building safe and cybersecure

    It doesn’t make sense to have a security system that isn’t locked down itself. It’s why we’re a member of the Global Cybersecurity Alliance and put security at the center of our products and solutions. Find out how we can help keep your building secure.