Healthy buildings contribute to a healthy organization

Studies show that a healthy building has many benefits to organizations such as improved productivity, attracting talent and better occupant health. How healthy is your building? Take an assessment.

Solutions that can make your building healthier.

We know how big your building challenges are, so we’ve created solutions that are just as big.  

From cleaner air to frictionless access and experiences that inspire confidence.


Air quality is a requirement. Not an option.

If the air isn’t clean, a building isn’t healthy. So we’ve developed systems to remove pathogens, bacteria and other harmful materials.


See everything we’re doing to make buildings safe and secure.

To make sure your occupants feel confident, we’ve developed technology to monitor social distancing, building capacity and body temperature.

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Still have questions? Feel free to dig even deeper.

An extra layer of service excellence delivered by experts.

We offer on-site and remote services that support our customers with trusted, proven solutions to protect and connect buildings and people.


Need to monitor social distancing? You’ll also need real-time data.

The right sensors and analytics can precisely monitor when and how your site is being used, then guide people to the free spaces they need.


There are ways to make your building healthier. Nine to be exact.

We’ve outlined nine ways to use air quality, social distancing and other data to make your building healthier. And your people confident.


See how a healthy building today leads to healthier tomorrows.

From clean air to frictionless access and experiences that inspire confidence, we have many ways to create a healthier building. Watch how.


We’re part of a global healthy building movement.

As part of our commitment to healthy buildings, Honeywell Building Technologies is a member of the International Well Building Institute.


Is it safe to return to the office?

Organizations across the globe are re-examining their buildings strategies as they prepare for reopening. The technical resource examines a tactical approach to healthier buildings that keep employees, occupants and visitors safer.

We know your building.

Historic retrofits. New construction. Iconic, one-of-a-kind buildings and critical infrastructure like hospitals, airports or utilities. We know your building because we’re part of your community, helping millions of buildings around the world. And we’re ready to help you too.


International Well Certified Institute

Honeywell Building Technologies is a member of International Well Certified Institute, a leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally.


Talk to a healthy buildings expert.