Smoke Detectors

    Optical smoke detector IQ8Quad

    Optical smoke detector which works using the light scatter principle to guarantee safe and early detection of fire.


    Optical smoke detector which works using the light scatter principle to guarantee safe and early detection of fire. Responds well to slow-burning, smouldering fires. Intelligent fire detector with decentralized intelligence, automatic function self-test, CPU failure mode, alarm and operating data memory, alarm indicator, soft-addressing and operating indication.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Automatic intelligent fire detectors with high reliability and low power consumption used for
    • premises and items of property with medium and high concentration of valuable assets
    • Detector Series IQ8Quad features, system advantages
    • Designed for optimal operation on System 8000, IQ8Control and FlexES Control fire alarm
    • systems
    • With multisensor fire detectors for the detection of all types of fires, even under the most difficult
    • operating conditions and with 360° LED visibility in Alarm
    • Detector with and without loop isolators
    • Different options of installation
    • Wiring in loop and spur combination
    • Maximum number of detectors with cable lengths of up to 3,500 m with installation cable for fire
    • detection, e.g. cables I-Y(St)Yn x 2 x 0.8 mm
    • Up to 127 detectors and detector zones per loop installation
    • Free wiring of display and control elements through software function assignment
    • Up to 32 detectors per zone
    • Easy commissioning
    • Automatic and interactive detector addressing
    • Fixed address assignment of detector location, even after detectors have been replaced or
    • added
    • Localization of wire breaks and short circuits on loop
    • Detector-LED used as alarm indicator and as an indicator for detectors in service
    • Adaptation to changing operating conditions
    • Dedicated LED for indicating operation (green LED)
    • Disconnection of individual detectors, detector zones and detection areas
    • Disconnection of individual sensors or several sensors at once within a multisensor fire detector
    • either manually or depending on programmed time of the day
    • Automatic adaptation to varying environmental conditions
    • Compensation of changing levels of air pressure, humidity, smoke concentration according to the
    • double chamber principle
    • Electronic compensation also called drift-compensation of long-term influences like aging or
    • pollution
    • Reliable detection
    • Constant alarm sensitivity of multisensor fire detector for all types of fire
    • Large signal to noise ratio due to the special design of the sensors and the electronics to
    • suppress electromagnetic interference
    • With built-in insect screen and sealed against rear air flow entry
    • Reliable false alarm suppression
    • High immunity against false alarms by means of timed evaluation of different sensor criteria
    • Signal patterns not typical for fires are eliminated by using special filter algorithms
    • Automatic self-monitoring of detector electronics
    • Continuous loop monitoring even during short-circuits through isolating the relevant segment
    • Automatic monitoring of all sensors to guarantee operational capacity and correct condition
    • Increased operating reliability
    • Short-circuit and wire break tolerant through monitoring from both ends of the loop
    • Alarm decision inside detector
    • Fail-safe circuit activated if communication fails
    • Maintenance
    • Automatic maintenance request
    • Heat detector identification through a black circle on the light transmission plate
    • Multisensor gas detector identification through a golden ring on the light transmission plate
    • Operating time-, alarm- and fault counter in each detector
    • Automatic, cyclic loop check
    • Complete status interrogation from the control panel
    • Interrogation of operating data from all detectors on loop via standard service PC and detector
    • interface
    • Comprehensive range of accessories
    • Standard detector base, base with relay and wireless base available
    • Base adapter for ceiling mounting
    • Dust cover for fire detector or detector base
    • Kit for suspended ceiling mounting
    • EN 54-7
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    Optical smoke detector IQ8Quad with isolator