Emergency Voice / Alarm Communications System

    GMT 4000 Repeater Panel

    GMT 4000 Repeater Panel


    Individually programmable control buttons and LED ndicators guarantee remote display and operation adapted to the property-protection objective. Capacitive buttons allow for ergonomic operation and querying of system states. The plain text display of the system status via a graphicscapable, six-line display, with 20 characters per line.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Connection to RS485 dual interface
    • Capacitive buttons
    • Optional for non-redundant or redundant connections
    • Graphic display with 6 lines of 20 characters each
    • Text labels are transferred from the FACP
    • 4 buttons for operating the display (scroll up/down, slide right/left)
    • 3 buttons for operating the buzzer: off, test, and log
    • 1 button to confirm selection for special functions
    • 4 Common LED indicators (operation, alarm, fault, disablement)
    • Connection to RS485 dual interface
    • 6 programmable buttons for macro operation that control a configurable series of operating procedures, e.g. Detector Zone-1 to Detector Zone-10
    • 5 programmable individual indications
    • Buzzer
    • History function
    • Direct connection to FACP via RS485 interface - max. 1 device
    • Connection via ADP4000 - max. 16 devices
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    Repeater panel GMT 4000 for FlexES Control, surface mounted