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TAS-Link IV Power Supply Unit

TAS-Link IV Power Supply Unit


TAS-Link IV Power Supply Units are high compatibility with various hazard detection systems and emergency call service control centers as well as its high reliability, the TAS-Link IV is also characterized by innovative concepts. By using the latest processor technology, the transmission device is able to take on features that previously required a separate router, such as IPsec. The basic module of the TAS-Link IV has 8 line inputs as well as 2 configurable and 2 reserved outputs and can be expanded to up to 128 inputs as well as up to 122 outputs by connecting additional expansion modules (depending on the combination). Standard-compliant remote access can be implemented. The associated power supply unit NT560-12/E is a switched-mode power supply unit in PCB design with protection against accidental contact and a regulated Output voltage of 12V DC with 2A. The power supply combines the functions of power supply, battery charging and battery monitoring

Features & Benefits:
  • IP base unit TLV 1 in housing G4+
  • 4 LEDs
  • Power supply unit NT 560/12E
  • Emergency-powered DSL modem (Annex B, J)
  • Transmission protocol Ds 2465, Ds 2465-S2, Ds Secure or Telic
  • Voice, SMS and e-mail transmission
  • LTE-capable
  • Compatible with TAS-Link III
  • Ds-approved power supply unit and housing
  • EN 50131 (Security Grade 1-4), EN 50136-2, DIN EN 54-21, VdS 2110, VdS 2203, VdS 2227, VdS 2344, VdS 2463, VdS 2465-1 to 3, VdS 2471, VdS 2471-S1 and VdS 2841.