Compass 2 Building Automation System

When you need to monitor, control, and manage systems within your facilities, let Compass lead the way.

Powerful Control. Anywhere. Any Time.

From customizable navigation to quick access to building data - Compass 2 helps quickly identify and resolve internal environmental issues, while improving efficiencies and reducing budgets through flexible scheduling and occupancy management.


Reduce time spent locating desired information and accessing common functions. Interact with system data and quickly modify setpoints and command settings.


Quickly view the operating status of systems with data visualization. Monitor system alarms and alerts through a single full-feature Interface.


Apply to systems with up to 3000 controllers and upgrade by simply increasing the license size. Configure up to 256 users.

Find your optimal path with Compass 2

Alarm and Trendlog Builder

Say goodbye to tediously managing alarm configurations one by one. The Alarm and Trendlog Builder is a fast, accurate way to easily create and edit multiple alarms and trendlogs, simultaneously.

EASE Scheduling

For building operations that need to manage complex BAS schedules, Compass 2 now includes the EASE scheduling interface. EASE provides an intuitive graphical representation of schedules, calendars, and events.

Summary Pages

Summary pages is an interactive table of data for viewing and editing up to 1600 points that saves time in monitoring and controlling building systems. Transport configurations easily from one project to the next. 


Omnigraphics are real-time visual indications of system status and occupant levels helping to quickly identify issues in the building. Customize the displays by defining the colors the shape will show based on point value.

Navigation Tree

An intuitive user interface provides easy means to find what you're looking for. The centralized tree makes navigation faster and more efficient - easily read labels and navigate to displays, templates and summary pages. 

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Compass 2

Compass is a powerful, dynamic interface enabling users to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time.


The ACM combines Alerton’s pioneering and proven BACnet prowess with Tridium’s® Niagara Framework® flexibility. 


The VIP-363 is a BACnet Advanced Application Controller with high resolution 16-bit universal I/Os and a 32-bit processor.

Microset 4

The Microset 4 wall sensor senses and displays room and outside air temperatures, relative humidity, fans and CO2.

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