Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Better indoor air quality starts with precise detection and monitoring

IAQ sensors for healthier buildings

Help keep facilities safer for occupants by cleaning the air automatically as people come in and go. To do that, your building needs accurate data about the air quality – and that starts with our versatile range of sensors for indoor air quality (IAQ).

Multi Sensor

The C7355 is an advanced, configurable device for commercial buildings. It monitors PM2.5/PM10, CO2, TVOC, temperature and relative humidity.

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PM Sensor

The sensor continuously measures particles of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, or PM10 for detection of particulates.

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TVOC Sensor

The sensor reacts quickly to detect a broad range of VOCs such as smoke, cooking odors, bio-effluents, outdoor pollutants and from human activities.

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CO2 sensor

The C7233 & C7263 Series Sensors are stand-alone carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors used for demand control ventilation.

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Healthy Buildings Dashboard

The Healthy Buildings Dashboard provides real-time access to facility performance data to track, monitor, report and managing facility KPI’s based on indoor air quality.

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Building Management Systems

Choose the right controller from a collection of best-in-class products to meet your specific building management needs for any application.

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JADE Economizer

Our JADE™ system cools a building naturally using outside air. Some have seen mechanical cooling decrease 40% over our legacy economizers

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Better indoor air quality starts with precision detection and monitoring. Request more information about Honeywell's IAQ Sensors.

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