Industrial plant
Industrial plant

Defend against smoke, flames and gas leaks.

Honeywell Industrial Fire Solutions deliver specialized, SIL-certified fire and gas detection with expertise in oil & gas, chemicals and energy industries.

Fire safety solutions that deliver peace of mind

Our industrial fire and gas solutions are designed for highly critical industrial applications. Our software and technologies provide reliable and early warnings, help prevent disasters, helps to increase productivity.

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Harder-working systems with easier installation

We simplify beam smoke and CO detection and AV notification – with efficient detectors that are easy to install and maintain.


Innovators of advanced alerts and efficient evacuation

As pioneers in fire detection and alarm technology, we provide innovative solutions to optimize fire safety for facilities of any size.


Safe evacuation in challenging applications

Our call point and audio visual devices help reduce risk and protect hazardous areas, marine environments, voltage applications and more.


More time to respond before safety's compromised

We provide reliable, very early detection of smoke, fire and gas – giving more time to respond before threats affect people and property.


Decades of lifesaving protection

For over 50 years, our gas monitoring, detection and alarm systems have been protecting people and assets from safety incidents.


Safety in flammable environments, land and sea

We manufacture alarm, signal, control and notification equipment for the risk of explosion in flammable atmospheres, onshore or offshore.


Signaling that saves lives

We're a world leader in high performance audible and visual signals, manual call points and push buttons for broad life safety applications.


Linear detection of water, temperature and breaches

When it's critical to immediately detect a temperature change, water leak or security breach, we create highly effective linear solutions.

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