Make informed decisions in an instant.

When fast, informed decisions are critical to saving lives, you'll be in full control with our gas detection systems. They're SIL-compliant. Setup is easy. And so is training.

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Take safety with you wherever you go.

Our compact, portable gas detectors, from simple alarm units to advanced instruments, provide real-time visibility of workers’ safety status.

Customize gas detection to your building's needs.

Commercial buildings from universities to shopping centers rely on our 50+ years of experience providing efficient gas detection solutions.

Pinpoint leaks with gas cloud imaging.

Identify the exact source of a gas leak, and measure its volume and concentration, with our gas and flame detection products.

Meet gas threats head-on in high tech applications.

Explore the most complete gas and chemical detection products for semiconductor processing, research laboratories, emergency response, etc.

Measure people's temperature non-invasively.

ThermoRebellion Temperature Measuring uses visual and infrared imaging with advanced algorithms to check occupants entering your building.