Sensing for Building Applications

Your source for every job: Honeywell sensors are built to work reliably and install easily, with options to cover all your control applications and mounting options.

Precision and versatility you can rely on

From current sensors for equipment monitoring, temperature sensors for heating and cooling to CO2 sensors for demand control ventilation (DCV), you can count on Honeywell sensors for the latest technology, affordability, ease of installation, accurate performance and reliability.

Indoor Air Quality Sensors

In order to clean the air efficiently and effectively, your building needs accurate data about the air quality. Honeywell’s Particulate Matter, TVOC, CO2, and Multi-Sensors can help. 

Temperature Sensors

Support a range of applications from averaging, outdoor and immersion sensors to duct mount, strap-on and wall mount sensors with accuracy and reliability. 

Humidity Sensors

Honeywell’s highly accurate, stable humidity sensors are designed for use with HVAC controllers and direct digital controllers (DDCs). Multiple configurations available, including wall, duct and outdoor.

Differential Pressure Sensors

Dry pressure sensors for building (zone) pressure, filter condition measurement and duct/ static applications. Wet pressure sensors for water applications, process control systems, and hydronic system monitoring.

Dew Point Sensors

Designed for use in monitoring cooling water pipes or chilled surfaces to determine if temperatures are approaching dewpoint Suitable for mounting on flat and round surfaces.

Economizer Sensors

Duct mounted sensors for enthalpy or temperature measurement. Simplifies integration with industry leading Honeywell JADE economizer control for energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

Current Sensors

Our Current Sensors and Switches facilitate proactive fault detection or fail-safe operation to minimize equipment down-time and associated costs.

Wall Modules

You can count on Honeywell wall modules for the latest technology, accurate performance and reliability. Honeywell’s latest Zio family of wall modules include Sylk technology, which simplifies complex wiring and installation.

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