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WEBs N4 builds on the Niagara Framework™, using the freedom of a truly open platform to give your building tomorrow’s capabilities, today.

The open alternative: WEBs N4

A truly open framework, WEBs N4 helps businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things. The latest release, WEBs 4.11, includes a host of new features to support you as you distribute more control and management tasks to intelligent edge devices.
Improved security

Better authentication requires both strong credentials and encrypted data. “Role-based access control” (RBAC) makes user permissions easy to configure and less error-prone. All user actions and security-related events are recorded in the security log for traceability.

Easy conversion

The native Niagara Fox protocol will work between the Niagara AX and Niagara 4 software systems, and the Niagara 4 software will work with any currently available WEB-8000 controller. A station-conversion tool adapts Niagara AX stations to Niagara 4 stations.

Data that works for you

Easily conduct system-wide searches. Create customized charts with a simple drag and drop. No need to engineer new dashboards each time requirements change.

Faster, more powerful development

Developers will find improved documentation, a rich open API library, BajaScript 2.0, semantic data modeling via tags, and other readymade tools that speed and support development. New features and public APIs make it easier to extend, develop and build upon the framework. 

Customize WEBs N4 for your application

Enhance the analytics and features available to you with additional WEBs N4 functionality

WEBs N4 Analytics

Simplify analytics by taking control of data

As devices and systems communicate with each other, they generate data. WEBs-N4 Analytics turns that data into actionable insights so that you can proactively identify and mitigate problems.

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WEBs N4 Enterprise Security

Simplify your system by integrating security

With WEBs-N4 Enterprise Security, you can grow your building automation business by adding security without learning a new platform. For customers with WEBs-N4 BAS already installed, it’s a simple add-on.

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WEBs N4 Healthy Building Dashboard

Ensure occupant comfort & minimize risks more easily

The Healthy Buildings Dashboard provides real-time access to facility performance data to track, monitor, report and managing facility KPI’s based on indoor air quality.

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WEBs N4 Sylk Actuator Analytics

Track Actuator Health with Insights, Alarms & Reports

On-demand Sylk Actuator Analytics within the Niagara Framework. See device health and usage, get alarms, and easily run reports to optimize the performance of your system.

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Explore compatible controllers

Determine software and accessory compatibility with WEB-8000 and CIPer controllers.

Web-8000 Controllers 

Optimized for WEBs N4

Reduce complexity and improve flexibility with toolless installation and expansion capabilities. Simplified with a global power supply and improved access to standard enclosures. 

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CIPer Model 10  

IP-based general-purpose controller

Harness the full power of Niagara at the edge: CIPer Model 10 offers single-tool infrastructure, world-class security, and the ability to create smarter, more efficient systems. 

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CIPer Model 30  

Making fast even faster

With a 4-port switch for integration of HVAC systems, IT networks and operational technologies, CIPer Model 30 seamlessly connects devices new and old to deliver real-time data. 

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CIPer Model 50 

Optimal control of plant applications

Features 26 onboard I/O terminals and a configurable display. Easily retrofit installations while reusing existing panel bus I/O modules and integrating to an N4 BMS system. 

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