Large buildings with many windows
Large buildings with many windows

Protect what's most important to you.

Discover all the flexible and integrated life safety solutions we have to protect what's most valuable--your commercial facility and its occupants.

Safety challenges are everywhere. So are our solutions.

Wherever there are buildings, and people, there are safety concerns. But every public space and commercial environment has its own challenges. We have the experience to meet each one of them.

Some of the sectors that rely on NOTIFIER for protection.


From retrofits to new federal facilities, our technology and experience can optimize property protection and occupant safety.


Healthcare facilities need life safety and fire protection that accurately monitors specific areas, while minimizing disruptions.


To safeguard dorms, classrooms, students, staff and property, you need a network-wide approach for full campus protection.

Data Centers

A centralized system helps you monitor your entire network and ensure maximum control while minimizing costly downtime.

High rise

These buildings require reliable detection and clear evacuation communication. We meet those needs and any code requirements.


Protecting occupants and staff requires each room, floor, and building to work independently while being networked together.

Solutions as unique as the industries we protect.

Every NOTIFIER device is designed with advanced technology to meet the rigorous demands of any industrial application, and comply with the harshest standards and regulations.

Power Plant

Oil and Gas




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