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NOTIFIER's SWIFT Wireless mesh integrates with modern NOTIFIER panels and unique proprietary Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping (FHSS) cascading wave wireless mesh protocol optimized for the needs of life safety systems - offering flexible and intelligent fire detection.

Easy / Quick / Unobtrusive / Low Profile

Get flexible, wireless fire detection anywhere with sensitive, historical or restricted access, or where it’s hard (or impossible) to wire. SWIFT devices also excel at temporary or retrofitted protection.


Wireless devices provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional wired devices. Our systems install faster and have a minimal physical impact on your facility’s structure.


SWIFT devices are closely integrated with ONYX panels through the SWIFT wireless gateway. Detectors are monitored by the fire panel with devices individually programmed, annunciated, and controlled.


We use a proprietary system protocol that enable reliable communication paths uses that ensure event data reaches the fire alarm control panel.

SWIFT finishes 1st at the World Ski Championship

Find out how NOTIFIER solutions helped the International Broadcast Center of Colorado’s Beaver Creek Mountain secure the Alpine World Ski Championship.

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Discover the unique benefits SWIFT Wireless devices deliver for various applications.

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Discover what your facility can achieve when you have NOTIFIER SWIFT Wireless systems working for you.