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AS1670.1: 2018- The Most Important Changes

This session will discuss an overview of these key changes and their implication for Fire system design and installation.

  • Transmission Paths and Isolators
  • Networking and the Remote Control of FDCIE

Is your Warehouse protected against fire risks?- Detection Design for Warehouse & Open space

Find out what puts warehousing and logistical facilities at risk and explains how you can protect your operation by leveraging advanced smoke detection technology. The important changes of Australian Standards (AS1670)  and how you can optimise detection and mitigate risks to operation.

Is your Warehouse protected against fire risks?- Speaker Design for Warehouse & Open space

Learn the Importance changes of Australian Standards (AS1670) toward warehouse speaker design; essential factors for designing the Emergency Intercom Control and Indication Equipment systems and how to calculate the correct Sound pressure level depending on type, power and installation height of speakers, using speakers in a challenging environment.

Aspirated Smoke Detection Solution For Carpark With Jet Fans

Carparks present unique challenges for fire detection, discuss how to design an aspirating smoke detection system successfully. “Jets Fans creates poor visibility and can compromise your Fire Protection in the event of a fire. We’ll explain how VESDA takes care of this.”

Life Cycle Of AFP-2800 And Onyx AFP-3030 Upgrade Program

Many Notifier AFP-2800 Fire Alarm Systems sold currently installed have reached or are coming to their natural end of life. Notifier AFP-3030 was designed to be backward compatible with AFP-2800 and upgrade as straightforward as possible. We’ll assess your existing system environment, provide an upgrade strategy that meets your needs, and modularize the upgrade for minimum disruption to the operation.

Stop Fire in Waste Recycling

As the industry is impacted by lithium-ion device disposal and developments in better and more effective recycling practices, now more than ever, it is important to ensure reliable and effective protection in this challenging environment. Join our webinar to learn about current best practices in protecting waste recycling facilities from fire.

Understanding AS1670.1- The latest update­ Including Amendment 1

AS1670.1 brought in significant changes to the elements of Fire System design and installation which have been further developed by the recent Amendment 1, which came into force with the adoption of the NCC on May 1 2023.

How to Prevent Lithium-ion Battery Fires - Li-ion Tamer Gen3 Off-Gas Detector

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are becoming the energy storage technology of choice for data centers since they are fundamental to the ongoing transition to energy efficiency. ­ There are clear benefits to using Li-ion batteries in data centres, but there are also potentially major downsides. Li-ion batteries can be a serious fire hazard, which can put mission-critical power at risk.

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