Maximize Savings And Peace Of Mind With The Affordable LCBS Platform

From the reliable efficiency of LCBS T to the remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities of LCBS Connect™, there's an option to fit each customer - both now and in the future.

Efficiency Now. Flexibility for the Future.

On average, HVAC operation accounts for nearly half of a commercial building’s energy consumption. Honeywell’s LCBS platform can deliver significant energy and cost savings while keeping your building’s occupants comfortable and happy.


Program temperature and humidity settings on the sleek, full-color touchscreen wall interface. You can also create customized views and control who can access the interface with the keypad lockout feature.

Cost Savings

Scheduling, protected set points and a built-in economizer help reduce energy usage. The flexible system can also be configured to fit your needs with CO2 sensors or a VFD.

24/7 Connectivity

You or your contractor can constantly monitor your equipment and respond to issues quickly, increasing system longevity and preventing disruptions.


Start with the features you want and add more as your needs change. The flexible platform can be customized to your exact requirements.



LCBS T is an approachable, low-risk way for customers to step into building automation without a major upfront investment. It's more than just a competitive commercial thermostat; it's an expandable platform that integrates with additional products - no rewiring required.

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LCBS Connect includes all the features of LCBS T, plus a gateway for remote connectivity. The gateway connects up to 30 RTUs to the Honeywell cloud system, which provides remote monitoring and diagnostics, real-time text or email alerts, Title 24 compliance and optional analytics reporting.

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LCBS Modular Options

Energy costs are the largest building operating expense. Both LCBS T and LCBS Connect offer the ability to add VFDs, CO2 sensors and more to enhance energy efficiency and savings. 

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LCBS Product Portfolio

LCBS Wall Module and Controller

LCBS connect controller and wall module combinations have been designed to control constant volume air handling units, and heat pump applications.

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LCBS Gateway

LCBS Connect Gateway serves as communication devices between a building site and the Honeywell cloud, providing contractors with a way to remotely monitor, control, and configure Honeywell building controllers.

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