Discover our compact, back-lit LCD fire annunciators that mimic the FACP display and provide system status indicators for AC, power, alarm, trouble, supervisory and alarm silence conditions.


AV Notification

System Sensor’s AV notification devices are one of the most versatile, easy to install, and cohesive audible visual (AV) notification appliances in the industry. See how you can simplify specification, configuration, and installation of your notification project - saving time and money in the process.



LTE fire alarm communicators represent a leading edge Internet and/or LTE cellular communications solution for monitoring fire alarm systems. Our fast, secure, and effective alarm communications technology enables connection to any Contact-ID fire panel.


Control Panels

Fire-Lite’s addressable and conventional fire alarm control panels (FACPs) offer a wide and advanced array of features. Easy to install, to configure, and to expand, our panels can meet a wide range of customer and mid-sized building needs. Fire-Lite’s Endurance Series offers up to 198 addressable points with built-in dual-path communications, upgradeable firmware and programmable buttons - offering more capability and convenience than ever before. And Fire-Lite’s conventional FACPs bring the latest in microprocessor technology to conventional fire controls. 



Fire-Lite is always at the forefront of future detection code requirements. Our 365 Series of addressable detectors, bases, and accessories looks better than ever and stays true to the performance you've come to expect.

Conventional devices for smoke & heat detection pair best with the Fire-Lite conventional fire alarm panels or with addressable module interfaces with addressable fire alarm systems.

The BG-12 Series is a cost-effective, non-coded series of fire alarm pull stations, widely preferred by architects and engineers. They are available in both conventional and addressable versions, including single and dual action, with either key lock or hex key.


Mass Notification

Fire-Lite Alarm’s Emergency Command Center (ECC) leverages the latest technology and over 60 years of life-safety expertise to deliver critical messages through non-proprietary systems. The ECC is ideal for any building that needs a flexible, multi-zoned, and highly configurable fire evacuation and mass notification system that’s easy to maintain.


Power Supplies

Fire-Lite’s FCPS-24FS6 and FCPS-24FS8 are a benchmark for dependable fire alarm power supplies. Featuring built-in System Sensor® strobe synchronization, these UL 9th edition listed power devices can be cascaded with strobe timing maintained to meet any installation requirement.


Wireless (SWIFT)

SWIFT® wireless addressable devices provide secure communication to the FACP across a Class A mesh network. SWIFT technology can be used in parallel with wired systems, allowing wireless devices to be added alongside wired devices on the same system.


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