Research Environments

Safe, reliable, energy-efficient solutions

Phoenix Controls provides safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions for intensive, high-level containment facilities, protecting researchers and safeguarding the integrity of research environments while offering optimum energy efficiency.

Leveraging the proven accuracy, stability and reliability of the Phoenix Controls venturi valve, we deliver:

  • Precision ventilation and pressurization control over wide flow ranges 
  • Mechanical pressure independence
  • Unmatched speed of response
  • Inlet and outlet insensitivity
  • Zone balance, temperature, occupancy, humidity and mode control  
  • Flexible, feature-rich solutions 
  • Seamless integration

See Phoenix Controls healthcare solution in action, in person. Details on our “demo tour” page.

From venturi valves to Vision CE, look to Phoenix Controls to be your product provider. Click links for more information:

  • Phoenix Controls Venturi Valve
  • Phoenix Controls High Speed Venturi Valves
  • Vista Monitor
  • General Exhaust, Supply and Return Valves
  • PCI8000
  • Routers for the Integration Configuration Tool (ICT) 
  • Sentry Fume Hood Display
  • Temp and Humidity Sensors
  • Vista pressure monitor
  • Valve Upgrade Kits
  • Vision CE
  • APM Room Monitor
  • Fan Static Reset Kits 
  • Room Manager (RMM) 
  • Zone Presence Sensor 
  • Sash Sensors 
  • APM II Monitor
  • View Room Displays