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U.S.-based fire agencies can streamline purchasing for a fire station alerting system, with US Digital Designs’ Master Price Agreement available through the Public Safety Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). The Public Safety GPO contract is designed to save fire agencies time and effort in procuring USDD’s Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System.
How to Order

For Public Safety GPO/NPPgov members who wish to order USDD’s Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System:

  • Send us your official NPP/PPA/Public Safety GPO Member number, along with your request for quote. If no registration or number already exists, please register at nppgov.com, click “Join Now,” and complete the process before submitting your number to USDD.
  • Work with the USDD staff, who will engineer a system solution and provide station drawings along with an official MPA customer quote.
  • Submit your Purchase Order to USDD, referencing your Member number and related USDD quote.
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Miami-Dade Fire Department Case Study
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Station Alerting Product Catalog
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What is Public Safety GPO?

Public Safety GPO is a program of NPPGov, a Cooperative Purchasing Organization that offers cost savings to public entities.

Public Safety GPO facilitates publicly solicited contracts for its tens of thousands of government members nationwide. These contracts are publicly solicited by a lead public agency in accordance with government purchasing regulations and include “piggybacking” language, which allows government agencies to use these contracts in place of their own RFP process.

Public Safety GPO members save time and money by making purchases through these publicly solicited contracts.

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