Maximise uptime and efficiency for your data centres

Maintain uptime and resiliency, reduce operational costs and drive productivity with actionable intelligence.

In order to mitigate business risk and provide access to critical data for operators and technical staff, Data Centre spaces have been turning to SBC for decades.

With global technical support and local maintenance, we are the trusted Partner for many of the world’s leading Data Centre operators.

Security built in

Multiple levels of cybersecurity compliance (based on the ISA62443-3-3 security level 4 for critical infrastructure). We continue to support clients with their important security needs. With user access management, secure boot, encryption at rest and audit logging, security can be delivered with ease and reliability.

Enhancing sustainability

Domain expertise and global partner network support to protect your investment on the road to Net Zero. Our predictive maintenance solutions help making strategic decisions at speed to optimise your Data Centre performance and enable to achieve sustainability and carbon reduction targets.

Improved deployment efficiency

Rapid, exponential growth like this generates a need for a tailored, proven and rapidly deployable offering to help deliver your objectives. We have a comprehensive, end to end solution which ensures your Data Centre is up and running efficiently all the time.

We help minimize installation and maintenance time using standardized tools, graphics, strategies and software modules. Our specialist global Data Centre partners can support clients from design all the way through to implementation.

Ease of Integration

SBC delivers proven integration with 3rd party systems across an extensive range of building applications. We provide state of the art systems that ensure security, reliability and flexibility for comprehensive management of critical system environments.