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Accelerate data centre deployment webinar

Check webinar featuring our data center partners as they discuss the evolving market for data center developers and the challenges they encounter. The webinar will also delve into the evolution of designing data center facilities and provide insights into the future of data centers.

Webinar guests

Steven Parker from Global Switch

Steven is a Solutions Engineering Manager at Global Switch where he works within the Solutions Engineering Team which has responsibility for providing customer technical solutions, company technical standards, new and redevelopment projects and research and & development.

Anne de Haan from Beveco

Anne de Haan, Manager Building Control at Beveco.  Anne has been Developing BMS/EPMS projects for 10 years. Managed several new built datacenters from project and technical perspective, along with renovations and extensions on existing sites.

Here is a summary of the key points:
  1. The Market for Data Center Developers:
    • Increased demand for data centers due to the growth of IoT and AI.
    • Limited resources and sustainability goals require data center developers to optimize energy and water consumption, posing challenges in resource management.
    • Pressure on delivery time as data centers need to be deployed quickly to meet market demands.
  2. Evolution in Designing Data Center Facilities:
    • Data center developers have seen significant changes in the design process, particularly with the advent of standardization.
    • Standardization has facilitated faster deployment by streamlining processes and ensuring compatibility across different components of data center infrastructure.
    • Building management systems technology has played a crucial role in automating and optimizing various aspects of data center operations.
  3. The Future of Data Centers:
    • The biggest market change over the next 2 to 5 years is expected to be the adoption of liquid cooling, which can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.
    • The need to build data centers quickly, optimize resources, and comply with energy efficiency reporting requirements will continue to be important factors.

Overall, the webinar agenda highlights the challenges and opportunities in the data center industry, including the need for sustainability, standardization, and efficient design.

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