Putting Patients and Staff First in Your Healthcare Facility

Deliver healthier, safer and more secure healthcare environments, whilst driving positive outcomes for patients, staff and facilities.

Trend is one of the leading providers in Healthcare Building Energy Management Systems. We provide UK manufactured, safe and smart solutions which optimise building efficiency, increase energy savings, reduce the potential of HAI’s and deliver healthier facilities.

Make your buildings health a Key Performance Indicator


Digital maintenance provides proactive fault detection using real-time analytics and a lifecycle management approach using cloud-based dashboards to control and monitor energy consumption, occupant comfort levels and maintenance issues for your operation. This drives better outcomes by helping improve performance while reducing costs.

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Infection Control

Air quality at hospitals requires special precautions to be taken during the design and maintenance stage to minimize transmission of infection. By using indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors to measure CO2, VOCs and other particulates, Building Management Systems (BMS) can assist in making air quality better and reduce infections automatically.

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Our Building Management System can predict and resolve issues before they happen. The goal is to support the delivery of robust, resilient systems with built in redundancy. Using the Supervisor software to incorporate analytic algorithms can potentially warn against decreasing performance and impending failures, enabling adjustments or fixes often before they become an issue.

Energy consumption and reduction

A BEMS typically controls up to 80% of a building’s energy requirements. By optimising and maintaining the system – getting it to perform consistently with the way a building is used - it can deliver significant energy savings which can be measured, monitored and in turn sustained.

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