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Technology that lays the foundation for smart buildings

Intelligent building systems technology has grown ever more connected

It is the data from these intelligent connections that enables SMART building management. A Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS) builds on this by offering a frictionless occupant experience and powerful insight into your building’s usage.  Gain critical insights into the use of your built environment including its energy management.

Optimize your energy and service use, provide consistent comfort and manage your building intelligently, without extensive manual work.

The data that you collect through your BEMS can be displayed via user-friendly dashboards and visuals. Integrate multiple systems and sensors within one BEMS and access business-critical data in one place. Enable more informed decision-making and help you understand how your building is being used.

Through these insights, you can make your building more efficient, reducing costs, preventing unplanned downtime, improving the tenant experience and becoming more sustainable. That is the definition of a smart building.

Today’s smart buildings make the most of their energy. Through Trend, many organizations have drastically cut their environmental footprint and carbon emissions, leading to better cost control benefits.


A French college improved operational efficiency across their estate


Integration challenges for a French Customs building


Peace of mind when providing care for elderly residents


A rapid deployment to meet challenging Mall opening deadline

Is your building smart or SMART?

Get ready for the intelligent era and the smart buildings Trend’s BEMS make possible by providing the infrastructure and data needed for implementing the IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous buildings.

SMART buildings become a reality with IQX

You can now design a BEMS to do exactly what you need or perhaps have always wanted to deliver. With IQ™X, award winning built environments are now a reality.

IQ™X gives you complete peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on providing an enhanced building experience which includes occupant wellbeing, efficient space management, energy optimisation and other key stakeholder deliverables.

  • Access to Cloud based services to help drive perfect occupant behaviours
  • Peace of mind that your system is working the way it should for optimal system efficiency
  • Productive working environments for occupants and visitors to meet your wellbeing objectives
  • Proactive feeds from the system for maximum uptime with inbuilt, intelligent escalation
  • Facilitation of efficient space management throughout your building to maximise ROI
  • IQX ensures visualisation of your system’s performance and access to the crucial data that helps you understand where you could be saving energy and costs within your building. Find out more here.

Supervision and control

Intelligent supervision provides a window to your system; with organised views and intuitive graphics that help you interpret the data gathered by your BEMS; enabling improved data-driven decision-making and quick identification of systems that need investigation or improvement.

Together, IQVISION and IQX offer significant enhancements to simplify deployment and improve productivity across the Trend system. Find out more here.

  • Occupant Safety - Healthy Building Dashboards provide additional peace of mind through enhanced visuals for air quality metrics
  • Visualisation - Enhanced HTML5 graphics format
  • Engineering - Tag based graphics – reuse graphics across any data source 
  • Security - Includes ‘certificate signing’ throughout
  • Connectivity - Updated cloud connectors MQTT (Amazon Web Services ready)
  • Control and Monitoring - IQX can now enable the USB Driver for expanded connectivity i.e. RS485 (Modbus RTU, MSTP)
  • Enhanced energy management embedded into IQVISION using IQENERGY, including tenant billing and reporting

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