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Higher education institutions face many challenges, from environmentally healthy classrooms for the wellbeing of staff and students to achieving their sustainability targets, whist at the same time ensuring their buildings or campus remains cybersecure.

We know that the education sector is finding energy and other utility costs having a progressively greater impact on their expenditure. Indeed, the utility bills of UK universities have risen much faster than any of their other operating costs, and maintenance costs have also grown.

As a result, the installation of a Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS) has proved a cost-effective way for colleges and universities to manage energy consumption and maintenance expenditure.

WATCH | Energy and maintenance management for healthier learning environments

WATCH | Safety and Sustainability in Educational Buildings

Case Studies

UWC Atlantic College

Energy reduction and lowering carbon emissions

The Brunei Gallery - SOAS University of London

Reduction in CO2 emissions and improved occupant comfort

University of Leeds

Energy cost savings and BEMS optimization

Queen Mary University

Reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency

Ipswich High School

Improving comfort and stepping towards net zero

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