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Introducing the Connected Power solution

Total energy management, with socket level monitoring and control.

Discover the Connected Power Solution

The HONEYWELL leading brands, Trend & MK Electric, come together to offer the first fully integrated Building Management small power system. 

Significantly reduce your buildings CO2 footprint and energy consumption by controlling every individual MK socket outlet through Trend's IQVISION BEMS Supervisor.

Key Features

Real-Time Monitoring

Identify energy saving opportunities.

Socket Outlet Control

Group, schedule, manage.

TREND Integration

Seamlessly built into Trend IQVISION, just requires activation and configuration.

Reporting & Analytics

Full suite of extensive, customisable reporting tools.

Pain Free Installation

Ease of set up, Retrofit or new build.

Socket safety

Market leading UK manufacturer with industry leading safety levels.

"It's invaluable to be able to keep a closer eye on our campus device usage, particularly unauthorised use of fan heaters"

Gareth Ellis

Cranfield Energy and Environment Manager

What is the Connected Power Solution?

In three steps, Connected Power brings full visibility to monitor and control all of a buildings plug in equipment.

Replace traditional mechanical switch sockets with a range of intelligent networked electronic sockets. MK Electric sockets offer pain free installation for either new or retrofit projects.


An electrical contractor will build the system virtually linking HUBs and sockets using our portable app. Linking the electronic sockets into a MK Connected Power Hub and connecting to the Trend BEMS.


The system integrator will configure the system to customers exact requirements. Control, monitor and display information from all plug in equipment across your estate, all in the Trend IQVISION Supervisor.

Use Cases

Whether a university campus, commercial office or leisure facility, the Connected Power solution has consistantly shown significant energy and CO2 reduction capability by empowering energy and buildings managers to monitor small power usage, at a granular level.

We worked with the facilities management company to implement measures to address and reduce energy usage and reduce CO2 emissions.


As well as reducing energy consumption the ability to monitor device usage was key to the site manager, including unauthorised use of fan heaters.


Tested in a series of key buildings with great savings, including the identification of a faulty printer which was consuming excessive power.

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