Energy Management

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) typically controls up to 80% of a building’s energy requirements.

By optimising and maintaining the system – getting it to perform consistently with the way a building is used - it can deliver significant energy savings which can be measured, monitored and in turn sustained.

The healthcare sector is transforming. In the UK, the NHS faces pressure to improve quality of service and commit to meeting environmental targets. Consequently, there’s a growing need for solutions that can strike the right balance between energy management and patient care. 

A BEMS is an automated solution designed to enable greater visibility and control of a building’s energy consumption. By aligning your building’s HVAC systems with occupant use, a BEMS offers a convenient and cost-effective aid for driving energy management goals and supporting a better built environment for patients, staff and visitors. 

The NHS is under pressure to invest in modern technology and deliver a more efficient level of service. Meanwhile, healthcare organisations are increasingly looking for ways to streamline operations. 

Healthcare building managers must now take steps to manage energy as much as possible. Considering traditional building management systems already exist in most healthcare buildings, a BEMS is ready 24/7 to kickstart the data-led insights which can be used to improve energy management in buildings. With actionable feedback about your facilities, you can take practical steps to optimise your healthcare environment based on occupant use. A BEMS offers a low-risk solution that is ready now to help healthcare leaders overcome their building performance challenges. 

This resource guide shows how using a Building Energy Management System, or BEMS, can assist in this task.


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