IQ5 BEMS Controller

We’re proud to announce the launch of IQ5, the latest in our range of building controllers to support the digitisation of new and existing buildings.

Designed with the emerging modern built environment in mind, the IQ5 controller enables secure, real-time data communication using deterministic Ethernet technology, robust ISA-grade security and support for up to 300 I/O points. This means that, without authentication, there is no ability to see or manipulate the data within the controllers or IO modules, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical building control data.

Developed by a team of industry experts, in conjunction with Trend partners, building owners and facility managers, the IQ5 aims to improve data transmission between field systems and the Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

IQ5 controllers use a new I/O bus technology based on T1L Ethernet, which enables high data transfer speeds of up to 10 Mbps across long distances. The technology also facilitates low-latency asynchronous communication over cable lengths up to 300 metres, all with end-to-end data encryption. 

In addition, the IQ5 offers a hierarchical control functionality, ensuring that communication with critical equipment is prioritised. Utilising a system architecture which has a high-speed I/O Bus gives the ability to drive the IoT devices to the edge with reliable and fast connectivity.

To help support potential expanding needs of the building, IQ5 controllers are modular in design. I/O modules slide into place, allowing the system to scale as building demands change. This means the controller can support growing networks of IoT devices and building equipment, underpinning broader modernisation or digitisation activities.

IQ5 is designed to meet ISA62443 security level 3 guidelines, which helps protect systems from most hacks faced by industrial automation and control systems (IACS). System users now have a single log-on for the site, with password changes synchronised across all networked controllers.

IQ5 features and benefits set to unlock potential

· Network expansion flexibility: Supports IoT systems and devices to the edge of the building with capacity for easy network expansion and controller integration, ideal for accommodating the future needs of a building’s device network.

· High processor and memory function: Each controller packs a powerful IMX8 quad-core processor, supporting 300 I/O points and boasting greater memory capacity than previous generations of controller to ensure high performance and site-wide control.

· Secure across the network: Single log-in for site users with extensive access control so users can see only what matters to them, while reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities.

To learn more about the IQ5 BEMS controller and how it can help you digitise your building, register for more details or visit our IQ5 page.