Stay connected to your building – from anywhere

By Pradeep Singh, Senior Design Partner - Education, Trend

One of the benefits of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) is remote connectivity. Why? It gives facility managers the ability to monitor a building’s infrastructure from anywhere at any time. This means they can address alarms, adjust heating and cooling, or monitor building occupancy levels even if they’re not on site.

For facility managers who are responsible for a large campus or educational estate, remote access means they don’t have to run from building to building to manage situations. Many building managers might find remote access helpful to check on their sites after hours. As seen more and more often, remote connectivity helps building managers stay in control when circumstances prevent them from accessing their sites. Now buildings can work from home, too.

Connectivity when it counts

In the event of an emergency that prevents a building or facilities manager from being on campus, they cannot just throw up their hands and hope for the best. They need to act quickly and have the right tools at hand to do so. Remote connectivity gives them the ability to:

  • Make sure the site is functioning properly in their absence
  • Adjust energy consumption appropriately
  • Carry out certain emergency protocols
  • Generate performance and compliance reports for future improvements

If building occupancy changes dramatically i.e., over the holidays, or if a facility is closed for a period – for example, during pandemic / study from home time – remote connectivity also gives the facility manager the ability to monitor conditions during the quieter period but also to prepare the building for the re-start well in advance and before anyone even steps foot on campus.

Around the clock oversight

The last thing any building manager wants is a late-night call that the building is performing outside of its expected schedule and specifications, meaning something needs urgent attention or repair. Remote connectivity means authorised personnel are alerted that something is amiss before the situation becomes an emergency. They can also diagnose the issue and often fix the problem or make an adjustment until a full repair is possible.

The case for connectivity

Today, new buildings are designed with fully integrated and connected systems; some buildings are online even before the walls go up. For older buildings, connectivity can be a single large overhaul, or gradually with systems being replaced over time. When a building manager sees the benefits of remote access after the first upgrade project, chances are good they’ll be asking how soon the rest of the building can be brought up to speed.


About Trend Control Systems

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