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DALI2 64 Address Lighting Controller - Surface Mount

DALI2 64 Address Lighting Controller with Modbus connection for direct BMS connection - Surface Mount

DLS Connect is a fully featured DALI lighting control system embedded within a best in class Light Spot HD sensor. Ideal in modern work spaces with open soffits and areas needing discrete fittings. A simple implementation of a powerful DALI addressable system.
Ex-Or has been creating award winning lighting control systems. Our unrivaled expertise has delivered some of the industry’s most innovative solutions. DALI Lighting Systems (DLS) has been developed to simplify the installation, commissioning and maintenance of DALI addressable lighting. DLS has three distinct product ranges, covering single room systems to fully integrated DALI lighting and BEMS integration. Ex-Or has redefined DALI addressability.
Making light work of DALI DLS Power – the built in Power Supply Unit (PSU) provides power to the DALI network, which is enough for the luminaires, sensors and switchesFeatures & Benefits:
  • Sophisticated DALI addressable functionality without the typical complexity and high maintenance costs often associated with traditional DALI systems
  • Create comfortable productive spaces by the simple programming and recalling of up to 16 different lighting scenes and groups
  • Enable human centric lighting control to match circadian rhythms when connected to Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Colour temperature of white light can be set to any value - from warm white to daylight
  • Lighting Control System in a sensor makes DLS simple and quick to install – ideal for exposed soffits where mounting a large controller is unsightly
  • No additional controller hardware reduces hardware cost and saves time on installation
  • DALI Addressable simple wiring (just 5 core cable) Reduce wiring errors. Less time planning wiring lay out and simple installation
  • Soft wiring – Easily make changes to lighting without physically re-wiring makes DLS ideal for multiuse spaces easily reconfigure working spaces
  • Connect mains power and DALI network using an LCM for easy distribution of mains power and DALI wiring
  • UKEX522-0419-EN April 2019
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