Air Quality Sensors

    Oxygen Replacement Sensor

    Oxygen Replacement Sensor by Xtralis contains an ECO cartridge which has been calibrated to detect Oxygen (O2) ranging between 0-25% VOL. It is used as a deficiency and enrichment alarm.


    ECO cartridge by Xtralis which has been calibrated to detect Oxygen (O2) ranging between 0-25% VOL, deficiency and enrichment alarm. VESDA ECO provides early warning of toxic, oxygen and flammable gas hazards to protect personnel and property whilst ensuring business continuity. In many facilities, unseen dangers exist from gases and other hazardous substances that can cause enormous damage and loss of life. VESDA ECO was developed to provide cost-effective gas detection and environmental monitoring in numerous applications and environments.

    VESDA ECO uses an existing or new aspirating pipe network to actively monitor for gas escapes and build-ups. Each ECO gas detector can house up to two gas sensors, and additional detectors can be added easily to the pipe network to monitor more gases if required. Pre-calibrated sensor cartridges are easily replaced in the field and make converting to different gas sensors or replacing sensors a simple task. Depending on site conditions the ECO filter cartridge can become contaminated and eventually block. This will reduce the ECO’s ability to detect a threat. In particularly dirty environments the filter cartridge must be inspected regularly.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Toxic, Oxygen or Flammable gas detection
    • Single or dual gas versions
    • Factory calibrated sensor cartridges
    • Integral alarm status LEDs
    • Integrates with PLCs/HVAC/BMS/ FACP
    • CE Electrical safety
    • Conforms to ANSI/UL Std 61010-1
    • Certified to CAN/CSA Std C22.2 No. 61010-1
    • EN 61010-1
    • EMC
    • FCC 47CFR Part 15B class B
    • ICES 003
    • EN 50270
    • Others - VNIIPO