Return ready challenges: Building Safety & Security

As a building owner or manager, ensuring safety and security is nothing new. But is your building return ready given the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on people?

What happens inside your building is what matters most about your building.

Employees and other occupants want to know that your building is not just safer, but also healthier. It has never been more important to be well informed and prepared to take action. 

Below you will find our library of resources to help you become better informed and better prepared to take action.  

Whitepapers & Technical Guides

Technical Guide  
A technical analysis of safety and security elements to help building owners and managers create healthier spaces

Is it safe to return to the office? this resource examines a tactical approach to healthier buildings to keep employees, occupants, and visitors safer in your building

Occupant Survey   
Our occupant survey outlines why healthy improvements can’t wait another day and why 68% of people surveyed do not feel safe in their own buildings

The needs and expectations of building occupants have changed. This whitepaper gives you insight into how to create a seamless occupant experience

Expert Sessions and Solution Videos

What is a Healthy Building?
Find out how technology is helping make healthy buildings possible

Safety & Security
Security systems can adapt to protect your Healthy Building and everyone inside.

Safety & Security solutions to help you sustain compliance and create safer spaces.

Solution Flyers

Frictionless Access
Create an access control system that is completely touch-free.

People Counting

Address new concerns and improve compliance with new and changing regulations.

Mask Detection and Social Distancing

Technology to determine if a person is wearing a mask—or even maintaining proper social distancing

Thermal Screening

Health safety and risk management solutions to get you back to business—quickly and safely

Case Studies and Checklists

The Gateway Building
fully-integrated, touchless entry technology, enabling Dexus to deliver a safe, secure, and seamless experience

Bangalore R&D  
Honeywell deploys its Healthy Buildings solutions to create a safer environment at its R&D facility in Bangalore

9 Ways to Optimize 
We have outlined 9 ways your security system can be optimized to help you manage a healthier building 

Reopening Checklist
With our Reopening the Workplace Checklist, organizations can reduce uncertainty and build confidence as they lead their teams back to work – in a safer environment.

Want to know what you can do to enable a healthier building?

The Healthy Building Score gives buildings a rating between 1-5 stars, it represents a sub section of environmental variables and system capabilities of your Building Controls and Security systems.

It provides a simple to understand score that assess the building from 3 pillars that helps towards providing a healthy building, Air Quality, Air Treatment and Safety & Security.

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