Let's Make Schools Safer, More Secure, And More Sustainable

    Improve the operations of school facilities while showing students, families and staff that education is more effective in a safer, more sustainable setting.

    Advanced security when every second and every life matters

    To help keep your school safer, we’ll apply sophisticated, integrated technologies. Protection ranges from video surveillance, intrusion alarms and perimeter protection to a system that even employs gunshot detection.  Academics are your expertise. Safety is ours.


    Meet The Expectations Of Students, Staff And The Local Community

    A school’s building footprint can vary greatly in size and number of buildings – from a single primary school building to a multi building school, university, polytechnic or TAFE campus. Despite operational differences, schools serve a common purpose: they are places where dedicated teachers and staff seek to provide the best learning environment in a setting that is safe, secure and comfortable.
    When Campus Buildings Perform So Do Students

    Help your campus improve essential capabilities – such as operational resilience and efficiency, safety and security, all while supporting your sustainability goals.

    Primary Schools

    Government and private schools

    Higher Education

    Colleges, universities, TAFEs and polytechnics

    Integrated Fire Solutions

    Meet fire threats with an integrated detect and respond strategy


    Cyber-threats are out there. We’ll help you stay ahead of them.

    Consultation Services

    Our experts can help guide you through infrastructure upgrades.

    Campus Energy Solutions

    Optimise energy usage, control lighting and predict when maintenance is needed.