Heighten your security. Lower your costs.

What’s the most efficient way to integrate your systems, analyze the data they collect and enhance security from end to end? It’s a million-dollar question. But the solution doesn’t have to be.

Solutions that fit your operations.

Accessible, cloud-connected solutions. Compatibility with current equipment. Protocols that play well with others. Systems designed around you to meet your unique needs.

User data to help identify threats sooner

Get a single coordinated view of your video systems. Make reliable IDs of potential threats, keeping public spaces - and the people using them - safer.

Intrusion protection

Our sensors and communications tool quickly alert you when someone has breached a perimeter with greater reliability.


Simplify access while staying watchful

Give your managers greater control and enhance the employee and guest experience with access control solutions that can be automated and integrated.

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We design for data security. We’re a founder of the Global Cybersecurity Alliance and work to enhance your systems, helping to keep them safe from threats.

Retail video protection

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Casino video security

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