Optimize your building even when you’re not in your building

    Take building management to the cloud with Honeywell Remote Building Manager for greater simplicity, uptime, and control.

    Who says the system that manages your building ought to be installed in your building?

    Honeywell Remote Building Manager is faster to deploy, easier to use, simpler to scale and adapt – and more affordable. And when your building is easier to manage, it’s easier to achieve strategic goals such as sustainability and building health.
    Control from anywhere

    Manage your building from a wide variety of devices via a visual interface that lets you see manage energy levels, schedules, and alarms.

    One site or multisite

    No need to learn a new BMS at every site – scale to any number of buildings, and complete benchmark comparisons across your portfolio.

    Improved uptime

    Mobile alerts help you respond to alarms faster and make changes remotely. And since the system is always current and maintained, it’s more stable too.

    Visualize your data to see results

    The ability to visualize important information about comfort, energy use and alarms makes it easier to manage a building. The Remote Building Manager gives clear, meaningful graphics of real-time building conditions as well as analysis of trends and key performance indicators.

    An ecosystem of advanced capabilities

    With plug-and-play simplicity for Honeywell controllers, integration for third-party systems, and automated mapping to create a digital twin of your building, the system can be installed and configured in just a few hours.

    Remote Building Manager Supervisor

    A cloud-based WEB UI that allows for real-time management of points list view, alarms, energy consumption and schedules.

    Smart Gateway

    Central point for aggregating site data from BACnet controllers. Enables secure communication to and from the site location. Downstream devices can be wired or wireless.

    BACnet Controllers

    Honeywell/non-Honeywell BACnet controllers connect to field devices and sensors. They run control strategies to operate HVAC/lighting.

    Additional Applications

    Flexible system allows easy addition of applications to monitor, control and optimize energy use and carbon emissions data or monitor building air quality.

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