Image of security fence
    Image of security fence

    Correctional facilities can also be rehabilitated.

    Whatever size your facility is, your issues are usually big — more inmates, fewer funds and aging buildings. Our systems can help you do more with less. We’ll help optimize security and efficiency.

    Justice & Corrections

    Greater integration and heightened efficiencies drive our innovations for correctional facilities. We’re ready to customize a solution that works for your needs and your budget.

    Integrated systems that do the work for you

    New challenges never fail to surface. And we’re ready to help make lighter work of making your facilities safer, better controlled and more efficient with advanced innovations and integrated solutions.

    Go everywhere without going anywhere.

    Connect security, comfort, life safety and energy control systems with our Enterprise Buildings Integrator for a more panoramic view of operations – and greater efficiencies.

    Control who gets in and who doesn’t.

    Our PRO3200E smart access control module is designed for high density installations, and can be easily integrated with CCTV systems, automation and life safety solutions.

    Systems that go beyond seeing to thinking.

    Our Digital Video Manager (DVM) supports over 2,000 cameras and uses video analytics to better understand what you’re seeing. Smart access control systems easily integrate into DVM.

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