What if you could transform the way fire systems are designed, commissioned, monitored and maintained with one tool?

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Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) places connectivity at the heart of fire safety, providing real-time visibility to enhance timely, accurate decision-making.

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS)

CLSS is an innovative, all-in-one cloud platform that enables system integrators and facilities managers to deliver an enhanced fire safety service, while maximizing the performance efficiencies offered by Honeywell’s trusted detection and alarm systems.

By harnessing the power of data, CLSS delivers the connectivity and intelligence needed for secure, compliant and more efficient fire system management.

CLSS now extends connectivity to various fire alarm systems

Complete Connectivity with CLSS

Quick and accurate alarm transmission

Faster and more accurate alarm communication with the speed and reliability of today’s 5G networks.

A signal you can trust 

With the deregulation of legacy telephone lines, connection to a CLSS-enabled 5G communicator ensures a more secure line and eliminates service calls and other expenses for communication issues. 

Compliance on-hand

Store digital inspection reports in the secure cloud for immediate retrieval for AHJ or insurance company review.

Complete line of site monitoring

Remote access to the fire alarm panel via the CLSS app allows you to see what’s going on at your facility anytime, anywhere. 

Less downtime and disruption

System visibility allows your alarm service provider to know exactly what the issue is before arriving on-site, ensuring they have what they need to reduce disruption and increase first-time fix rates.

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Learn how Honeywell is placing connectivity at the heart of life safety. 


Experience a safer building with a more reliable connection.


Better visibility and connectivity with the CLSS tool suite.

Diverse Fire Systems (DFS)

CLSS enabled DFS to access intelligent fire system data from anywhere without having to be physically in front of a fire panel. Efficiency was improved and commissioning made more accurate.

CV Services group

When CV Services Group needed a way to stand out from competitors with higher-quality service and lower-cost operations, the answer turned out to be simple: Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services

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