An ally in the battle against complexity

Increasing mandates, shrinking budgets, aging buildings — you’ve got a lot to do with fewer resources. We’ve helped government agencies around the world respond with smart solutions. We can help you.

Government & Military

Drawing on decades of government experience, we can help address your energy mandates, operating costs and cybersecurity needs. We’ll apply existing and emerging technologies to help you achieve greater measurement, performance and resilience.

Every building on high alert

As risks to people, property and data continue to threaten your buildings, we never stop developing new ways for you to anticipate them – through advanced monitoring, detection and integration.

Security that watches threats and budgets

Our budget-minded Vindicator Network is multi-layered, employing radar, gunshot, motion and perimeter detection to address your critical security needs.

Electronic security equal to the danger

The rise in terrorism demands tighter controls. Our government security solutions go beyond employee access and visitor registration to turning smartphones into ID badges.

Threats identified before reaching people

As budgets for human protection decrease, reliable video surveillance is more critical. We provide a single view of your entire facility, using data to help keep people safer.

Energy solutions and how to pay for them

Even with fewer resources, carbon footprint goals are critical. We can help make the right energy updates to your facility, and work within your budget.

Buildings connected, hackers disconnected

The right cybersecurity makes sensitive data accessible, but only to the right people. We can provide a full assessment of your infrastructure and help lock it down.

Solutions customized to exacting demands

Instead of an off-the-shelf approach, we draw on a wealth of experience in technology and software innovation to design and install solutions flexible enough for your needs.

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