Efficiency from the Ground Up.

    Since its opening in 2001, the Incheon International Airport in South Korea has been awarded by the Airports Council International (ACI) with twelve consecutive awards for the world’s best airport — an honor received within ACI’s Airport Service Quality program. As global airport traffic increases, Incheon has exceeded a number of expectations related to passengers and cargo, standing by its commitment to offer best-in-class services for visitors. Enhancing air safety and optimizing operations became a real need and Honeywell has been selected by Incheon airport as a trusted advisor since 1997.

    The Needs

    ·        Enhance air safety due to air traffic increases

    ·        The phase 3 project incorporates the Terminal 2 apron area with the existing Airfield Ground Lighting Control and Monitoring System

    ·        System upgrade A-SMGCS.

    ·        Enhance safety and efficiency

    ·        Technology to interface the Flight Information Management System

    ·        Enhanced and more convenient services based on mobile applications

    The Solution

    The Honeywell and Incheon relationship dates back to 1997 when our team implemented both airside and landside technology. One year later, building management systems were deployed to Passenger Terminal 1 and its attached buildings.

    In 2005, the Honeywell team secured the second phase of the airport expansion - building a remote concourse and a third runway and continuing with ongoing service and maintenance at the landmark site. After more system upgrades in 2014, our team recently secured a A-SMGCS system enhancement.

    Due to the decade-long relationship, the Honeywell team identified early on that Incheon Airport has a goal of enhancing air safety due to increases in air traffic and 24/7 operations. The phase 3 project incorporates the Terminal 2 apron area with the existing Airfield Ground Lighting Control and Monitoring System — including an Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance Control System (A-SMGCS) upgrade for enhanced safety and efficiency. The scope of the solutions Honeywell provided to Incheon airport so far include:

    ·        Delivery of Air Field Lighting equipment: Addressable Switching Device (ASD), Single Lamp Control and Monitoring (SLCM) unit

    ·        Replacement of all Control Monitoring System equipment, including Server and Network Switches

    ·        A-SMGCS Level 4 Software customization and upgrade to incorporate Air Traffic Controller’s request for enhancing airport safety and efficiency

    ·        Installation, commissioning, training, project management, tools and spare parts

    ·        Implementing a building management system for Passenger Terminal 1, along a traffic monitoring center and an annex

    The Benefits

    ·        Reduced risk and enhanced system reliability

    ·        Remote monitoring for system resiliency

    ·        Integrated systems to manage multiple platforms for more efficient operations

    ·        Customized, user-friendly interface to meet Incheon’s needs

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