Honeywell Launches Hvac Industry’s First Niagara-Based 1gbps IP Controller With Ciper™ Model 30

    • Scalable, fast and flexible controller handles a range of devices

    ATLANTA, July 30, 2019 – Honeywell Building Technologies (NYSE: HON), a global leader in connected buildings, launched today CIPer Model 30, the first Niagara-based 1Gbps Internet Protocol (IP) controller for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. The CIPer Model 30 is a compact, multi-purpose IP controller and integration device that can be used in a wide variety of applications, from small and medium locations to large commercial building complexes.

    With its native Niagara 4 Framework® on-board programming platform, the CIPer Model 30 is truly open — offering internet connectivity, web serving capability, integrated control, data logging, alarming, analytics, trending and scheduling management to support operation technology (OT) systems to monitor events, processes, and devices to make adjustments in enterprise and industrial operations maximizing efficiency, reducing waste, and saving money.

    The CIPer Model 30 is the industry’s only Niagara-based controller with a 1Gbps, 4-Port IP switch which integrates demanding IP peripheral devices such as cameras at speeds up to 10 times faster than devices using Fast Ethernet and 1,000 times faster than serial MS/TP controllers. The CIPer Model 30 supports a variety of applications, including: variable air volume, fan coil units, rooftop units, variable refrigerant flow, boilers, chillers, hydronic heating & cooling, and single- and multi-stage air handling units. It can power current and future complex HVAC and non-HVAC sequences, equipment, and a wide variety of IP peripheral devices to enable IoT infrastructure.

    “The CIPer Model 30 is a scalable, fast and flexible controller than can handle a wide range of devices and provide real-time data. The truly open native Niagara 4 Framework streamlines the system to help reduce commissioning, installation time and maintenance costs by bringing the programming tools to the edge,” said Michael Garceau, BMS General Manager, Honeywell. “This plug-and-play integration controller allows contractors and system integrators to sharpen their customer service, be more proactive, expand their business into other non-HVAC areas, and spend less time traveling to buildings to resolve issues.”

    Key features of the CIPer Model 30 include:

    • Runs the full Niagara N4 stack with 12 points of on-board I/O (including 9 monitored Hand-Off-Auto), expandable to 312.
    • Reduces training requirements through ready-to-use open-protocol Niagara N4 wire sheet, alarming, history, schedules, web server, HTML graphics, standard tools and palettes, analytics, and Haystack Tagging since no additional programming tool is required. 
    • Communicates directly from controller to supervisor for simplified, cost effective system architecture.
    • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol allows users to daisy-chain more than 200 controllers on a single bus and up to 40 controllers in a redundant ring configuration for fewer home runs and enhanced fault tolerance.
    • SSL-encrypted communications provide peace of mind while protecting a facility’s assets and building infrastructure with world-class cyber security.
    • Uses standard IP connectivity in place of traditional twisted pair MS/TP, enabling the use of pre-terminated CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cables for easy and fast installation.

    The CIPer Model 30 also features built-in analytics to help create smarter, more efficient systems with preventative maintenance and equipment predictive failure analysis, ensuring safe, efficient and comfortable buildings without costly unplanned outages. The controller also easily integrates into legacy systems.

    The CIPer Model 30 is part of the CIPer IP Controller portfolio which also includes: the CIPer Model 10 designed for small, targeted application and the CIPer Model 50 to support plant control. Learn more about the Honeywell next generation CIPer IP Controllers here.

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