AeriLED Emergency light

    AeriLED an elegant and functional emergency light for indoor use, AeriLED is suitiable for large buildings and high ceilings


    AeriLED SET-10 is an elegant and functional guide light (centralized emergency lighting systems) for indoor use. The guide light is intended for escape routes with large mounting heights. AeriLED SET-10 is suitable for areas with large installation heights such as shopping centers, warehouses and sports halls, foyers and cinema buildings. The luminaire is designed for both new construction and rehabilitation of existing facilities. Mounted on the ceiling, surface-mounted.

    Features & Benefits:
    • LED-based guide light
    • Delivered as a centralized addressable luminaire
    • Easy addressing, 1-32 with rotary switch
    • Very large mounting distance at high mounting heights - fewer installation points
    • Life expectancy LED> 100,000 hours - less maintenance
    • Bracket solution - easy and quick assembly and maintenance
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    AeriLED AP NM ST LED 230V 138h
    AeriLED - AP 138h_10Y
    AeriLED AP High Ceiling SET-10 230V