Turbocharge your connected building management.

EAGLEHAWK NX provides the power and intelligence to run your plant’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and other building applications. It’s freely programmable, uses our Niagara eXtended (NX) platform and is BACnet (B-BC) and AMEV AS B certified.

System benefits

Operational savings

Lower your costs through integration/common operation of all building applications, and energy management tools run directly on our controller.

Installation savings

You’ll also save on installation, with our small housing, embedded Input/Output points and dual Ethernet ports that enable daisy-chain wiring.

Cost-effective handling

Handling is easy, reliable and low-cost with our network-independent, embedded-HMI operation and secure, Java-free remote operation.

Simplified upgrading

Our daisy-chain wiring and separate sockets make it easy to upgrade your existing solutions to current and emerging connected technologies.


Scalable version control

Enhance control of data and decisions with our scalable options. (Our unit meets network independent and emergency operation requirements.)

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We offer a comprehensive line of room controllers for everything from plants to critical environments, and field devices to regulate them.

Room solutions

When we integrate and automate your subsystems, costs go down. Equipment lasts longer. People and assets are safer. Productivity soars. 

Third-party integration

Our open-protocol interface connects easily with hotel reservation systems, weather forecasting stations and other third-party options.

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