Shine a light on hidden savings and human needs.

An efficient room environment simplifies installation and maintenance, roots out cost savings and makes employees safer and more productive. Challenge us with your goals and we’ll create an integrated business management solution for you.

System benefits


Energy class A certified

We can ensure that your new room solutions achieve energy class A of the EN 15232 to ensure your systems’ high energy performance.


Integrated HVAC, lighting and shading 

We’ll integrate your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications with your lighting and shading controls – seamlessly.


Supervisor integration with DALI64 

Our DALI64 solution with occupancy detection integrates easily into the supervisor. It performs occupancy analysis and other smart functions.

Single-tool engineering across your BMS

Our Niagara eXtended engineering software meets any application requirement and offers single-tool engineering across your entire BMS.

Standard automation protocol solutions

Whether you need BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, DALI or wireless EnOcean solutions, we can provide the optimal system.

Next-gen, cloud-based facility monitoring 

Our solutions provide IoT-readiness and connectivity powered by Honeywell Forge, the next generation of cloud-based facility monitoring.

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Lighting & shading

Inside your lighting systems lie unrealized savings from installation to maintenance, and greater occupant well-being and productivity.

HVAC control

We offer a comprehensive line of room controllers for everything from plants to critical environments, and field devices to regulate them.

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