Greater savings through common controls

As the cost to operate your HVAC systems takes a bigger bite out of your budget, we’ll help you use IoT connectivity, proven algorithms and seamless integration to simplify monitoring and fine-tuning your energy consumption in real time.

System benefits

Energy consumption reduced up to 30%

Our extensive application libraries for HVAC solutions offer pre-tested, highly efficient algorithms, proven to lower consumption as much as 30%.

Smart integration with third-party appliances

Our smart embedded integration devices transparently integrate third-party appliances into your overall building management strategy.

Open protocols and easy programming

Our plant controllers and integration devices are supported by open protocols, including Modbus, M-BUS, LONWORKS and pulse meters.

Extended equipment life

Correctly controlled and monitored building appliances and components avoid unexpected plant failures, unwanted downtime and prolong equipment life.

Plant control

Optimize energy consumption and equipment lifetime by integrating your heating plant, chillers and air-handling units with our smart controllers.

Room control

Comfortable, safe and low-stress environments can also be energy efficient with our freely programmable room controllers and lighting systems.

Critical environments

When extreme accuracy and airflow/pressure control are critical, our valves and controllers provide verified solutions within defined limits.

Field devices

Our sensors, valves and actuators deliver extreme precision and reliability for enhanced energy efficiency through seamless platform communication.

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Third-party integration

Our open-protocol interface connects easily with appliances that require their own controllers, including chillers, boilers and elevators.

Lighting & shading

Inside your lighting systems lies unrealized savings from installation to maintenance costs, and greater occupant well-being and productivity.

Legacy integration

We can simplify the integration of your legacy systems with current and future solutions, always with a goal of protecting your investments.

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