Making the invisible clearly visible.

With the right meters, integrating supervisor and data analytic tools, we make it easy to automate the monitoring and adjusting of energy flow throughout your building. And lay out consumption data for operators in a format they can understand.

System benefits

Actionable data acquired in real-time

We’ll help you monitor your energy use – heating and cooling energy, flow and electricity – by metering both the supply and consumption side.

Data translated into customized benchmarks

We’ll tailor data to your business, whether its "kWh per m² per produced vehicle" for carmakers or "kWh per hours of instruction" for schools.

Easy archiving and retrieval of energy data

We’ll help you store and retrieve energy long enough to draw conclusions.

Reporting and visualization in human terms

Our reports are targeted to make it easy for your operators to detect anomalies in your energy consumption and identify their root causes.

Compliant with ISO 50001 standards

We can ensure your energy management practices meet the ISO 5001 Standard to save energy, cut costs and meet environmental requirements.

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