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If your building systems needs to be efficiently sensed, monitored, automated or controlled, we’ve created innovative products to integrate into your building management. They’re designed to be flexible, affordable and easy to install.



Includes our building (action) management, supervision and energy management products.



Includes our HVAC/integration controllers, panel-bus IOs, bus interfaces and HMI/operating units. 

Room control

Includes our BACnet, LonWorks, DALI64 lighting system, wall modules, sensors and EnOcean.


 Includes large linear, small linear, LON linear, modutrol, rotary valve and damper actuators.

Linear valves

Includes three-way, two-way and two-way pressure independent balancing and control valves.

Rotary valves

Includes our control ball, rotary and butterfly valves.

Frequency inverters

Includes our frequency inverters as well as parts and accessories for inverters.


Includes air velocity transmitters, temperature R.H. (+ temperature) and air quality sensors and wall modules.

Pneumatic products

Includes damper/valve actuators, relays, pneumatic electrical, sensors, thermostats, humidistats and more.

Power supply and signal devices

Includes transformers and electrical signal modules. 

Humidity and thermal switches

Includes humidistats and dew point switches.

Pressure switches and sensors

Includes our pressure switches and pressure sensors.


Includes frost, safety, room and flue gas thermostats.


Includes heat and flow meters and electrical energy meters.

Flow detection

Includes our electronic air and flow switches, paddle flow and electronic switches, and liquid and air flow switches.

Old products

Includes OLD TYPE phase-over list sensors, switches, actuators, valves, pneumatics and inverters.

Product spotlight


MERLIN NX VAV controller

A freely programmable Variable Air Volume controller with an integrated actuator and air flow sensor. It’s compact, flexible, easy to install.


MERLIN NX BACnet room controller

A flexible, freely programmable room controller offering performance-based engineering with Niagara eXtended (NX). A cost-effective choice.


EAGLEHAWK NX integrated plant controller

A powerful hardware/software platform to manage HVAC and non-HVAC systems (lighting, security, life safety, etc.) within and across buildings. 

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